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Camps and Workshops

Camps and Workshops CAD$499.99Purchase required to enroll

Register online below, or call/email us to register (
519-576-ROCK or kw@schoolofrock.com) - spaces are limited so don't delay!

2018 Rock Camp and Workshop Summary

All camps run weekdays from 9 am - 3 pm. After camp services are available upon request for an additional fee.
Workshops can vary from 2-5 days. Check with each Workshop for details.

Rock & Roll Boot Camp: July 9-13, ages 12 to 18, $499

Rockstar Songwriting Camp: July 16-20, ages 12 to 18, $499

Little Rockers: July 23-27, ages 9 to 11, $499

These are not your typical camps. Our students work hard, play hard and are heavily immersed in music education and performance for the entire week. They will come away transformed and playing at a whole new level! All week long camp or workshop attendees get a SOR T-Shirt or Baseball Cap.

Performance Camps - Rock and Roll Boot Camps CAD$499Purchase required to enroll

Green Day Boot Camp March 12-16, 9am-3pm

Rock and Roll Boot Camp July 9-13, 9am-3pm

Ages 12-18

Attention all experienced rockers: Boot Camp is now open for enrolment! Get ready to spend five awesome days accelerating your musical abilities! You’ll learn to play and perform a selection of rock songs with a BAND of students who love music from classic rock, punk, alternative, new wave and other rock genres. March Break's Green Day Boot Camp will focus entirely on music from the original heroes of Pop Punk!

You’ll be able to get the most out of your instrument through daily instrument workshops. Learn how to manage stage equipment, market a performance, and work with other musicians in a band. Sound like fun? You won’t want to miss out on this amazing experience!

Students will enhance their skills while playing and performing rock music with other musicians. Songs are chosen to highlight the skills needed to expand the existing foundation on your rocker's instrument of choice. Students should have a minimum of 1 year of lessons prior to joining this program.

Performance Workshop - Rockstar Songwriting CAD$499Purchase required to enroll

July 16-20, 9am - 3pm

Ages 12-18

Designed for students interested in learning how to develop their own original material, write with other musicians, and record their work in a professional setting.
This camp includes classes in chord and melody writing, lyrics, instrumentation, utilizing the tools in a professional studio, and how to prepare effectively to maximize studio time.

Students will learn about recording original work, and they’ll learn how to market their music to build an audience We will end the week with a live performance!

Must have a minimum 2 years experience in music lessons and theory, and have an intermediate level of musicianship on their instruments. Sign up quickly to avoid disappointment. One of our most popular workshops.

Performance Camp - Little Rockers CAD$499.99Purchase required to enroll

July 23-27, 9am - 3pm

Ages 9-11 (8 year olds may be admitted by exception only)

This is the opportunity for new musicians to test the waters of performance through a 5 day camp. Get ready to spend five awesome days kick-starting your musical journey!
You’ll learn to play and perform an inspiring variety of rock songs. You’ll learn how to use your instrument through daily instrument workshops, hands on training, and by playing real songs with other musicians.
Learn how to manage stage equipment, market a performance, and work with other musicians in a band. Sound like fun? You won’t want to miss out on this amazing experience!
There’s a performance on the last day to show off your talents! Students will need to have an instrument at home to practice after school.

We can suggest places to rent equipment if you don’t own an instrument yet!

After Camp Program Purchase required to enroll

Need to pick up your student after 3 pm? The after camp program runs from 3 pm - 5:30 pm Monday - Thursday during camp programming. Let us know if you require this additional service.

Movies, games, quiet time are all part of the after camp program.